Nunavut is considered by many to be one of the last great frontiers, making life in the territory unique and astonishing.

Most of Nunavut is beyond the tree line, leaving very little forested land. The endless summer sun is just as beautiful as the harsh winter blizzards are powerful. Nunavut is truly a territory of diversity, in its land, its wildlife, its seasons and its people.

For the adventure seekers looking to challenges themselves professionally and personally, Nunavut is the perfect place to live. Each region boasts its own unique splendour, and there is no shortage of possibilities to explore.

Nunavut is home to world-class wildlife encounters, spectacular bird viewing, amazing parks, challenging camping and hiking, top-notch canoeing and kayaking, marvellous fishing, and renowned arts & culture. 

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"All we could hear was the patter of the dogs feet on the snow" (Maria Fraser Photo)

Baffin Region

The Baffin region is home to Iqaluit, Nunavut’s capital—and only—city. This region features all of the beauty and adventure that is expected from the north.

In winter, many people take advantage of the frozen tundra and fiords to go dog sledding and snowmobiling across land and water. Excursions across the vast land are rewarded with the splendour of mountains, glaciers, icebergs, bird cliffs and marine wildlife.

The winters may be harsh with cold temperatures, strong winds and blizzards, but for many, it is a fair price to pay for the breathtaking beauty of the pristine snow-covered land, the sky filled with millions of bright stars, and of course, the northern lights. The summer is just as magical, filled with endless sun, sea kayaking, sport fishing, narwhal watching and journeys to one of the three National Parks in this region.

Kitikmeot Region

This region is rich in culture and history. It features a diversity of people living on magnificent lands, populated with unique wildlife, all in a harmony that can only be found in Canada’s north.

People living in this region can experience an adventure like no other. They can retrace the steps taken by some of history’s most notable characters that attempted to search for the Northwest Passage to Asia. The Passage, which was once a great mystery, is well navigated by the people of this region using skin boats, schooners, motorized boats and snowmobiles.

Adventures are also found while travelling along the region’s beautiful rivers, where the barren lands will reveal a host of wolves, grizzly bears, musk ox, foxes and caribou. The tundra also has thousands of ponds and lakes. The Kitikmeot region is also home to a bird sanctuary, a wildlife sanctuary and a national park.

Kivalliq Region

The Kivalliq region, situated along the magnificent shores of Hudson Bay, boasts of being the geographic center of Canada.

This is an ideal place for anyone who wants to live out of the ordinary and experience some of nature’s most mighty creatures up close and personal. Residents are rendered speechless when they watch whales from the sea or the safety of the land, see polar bears hunting on the floe edge, or witness a caribou migration.

On the border with the Northwest Territories is the Thelon Game Sanctuary which includes the Thelon River system and protects the caribou migration routes from the forest edge in the south to the Arctic coast.

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