Nunavut Nurses Salary

The Government of Nunavut (GN) offers competitive salaries that will vary depending on your experience and education. The GN expresses their salaries in ranges (from 1-25) and steps (from casual-6). A licensed practical nurse (LPN) can start at range 12, step 1, which is $40.39 per hour, to step 6 at $45.85 per hour. At the high end of the scale, a supervisor of health programs which is Range 22, starting at $59.72 per hour at a step 1 to $67.77 per hour at step 6.

Northern Allowance

The amount of Northern Allowance you receive depends on where you live in Nunavut. For more information, please refer to the collective agreement or a specific job posting.

Collective Agreement

Partners and Families

The availability of employment for partners and family members varies by the size of the community. Larger communities have more jobs, requiring a wider variety of skills. Jobs for teachers, allied health professionals, administrative personnel, computer specialists and tradespeople are frequently available. Check the Government of Nunavut’s current job vacancies or other advertised jobs by clicking on the links below.

Accommodation availability is a challenge in some communities. If you intend to relocate with your partner/spouse and/or your children, please discuss this with the recruiter who is handling your application.

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